Update to home page

It’s almost 43 days after New Year’s, and we hope you’ve got your New Year’s Resolutions squared away.  We just took the Resolutions feature off the home page, but you can always access your 2010 Resolutions with the tab on your profile page:

Or you can go directly to your 2010 Resolutions if you know your username, e.g. http://www.43things.com/people/resolutions/joe

From that page, you can copy individual Resolutions over to your Life List with the click of a button!

While we were at it, we did an update to the homepage, which should make it easier to add new goals and create a new account.  New users can play around with the site, adopting goals which are temporarily saved until they create a 43 Things account.  We also cleaned up the log in and sign up pages.

Check it out: http://www.43things.com

As always, please let us know if you see bugs, slownesses, or any other ghosts in the machine.

Thanks, from the Robots

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7 responses to “Update to home page

  1. Oh, it’s a shame you took the adding feature for 2010 resolutions away, it would have been fun to add things there until one had the list full…

  2. Thanks for everything, y’all. Would you mind making a slight editorial change to the revised homepage? I believe it should be punctuated “goal-setting website.”


  3. …or, rather, “goal-setting community.” Duh.

  4. Emily, I’m with you on that. Good punctuation makes me feel safe and loved.

  5. This hyphen is essential to the sanity of your users. Ok, the sanity of a certain demographic of your users. Please put it where it belongs.

  6. All you grammar pedants will be happy to see that the mighty hyphen has been added to the home page! :)

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