43 Places and 43 Things login

Just a short note because most of you will (hopefully) not notice anything different. If you use both 43 Things and 43 Places, you have been logging in to both with your 43 Things account. We’re splitting them apart, so now you have separate 43 Things and 43 Places accounts. All existing users have had their usernames and passwords copied over, so you have the same urls, same usernames, and same passwords as before.

If you’re having trouble logging in, I apologize for any bugs, and please contact us so we can get things sorted out.

If you’re curious about our reasons for doing this, it’s mostly to reduce confusion (with things like logging in with facebook, closing accounts, etc) as we develop the two sites in different directions. If you haven’t had a look at 43 Places in a while, go take a look.

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5 responses to “43 Places and 43 Things login

  1. I have a question: Would it be possible, someday in the future, to click on a blue place on the “Where you’ve been” map and be brought to a list of visited places within the state/country you clicked?

    I’m asking because California shows up as visited and I’ve never been. I would have to search all 650 places to see if any were in California to fix it and I’m not crazy about doing it that way.

  2. Thanks for the info Laurel. I thought this had been done a while ago when 43Places was put on its own server.

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