Introducing, our new water cooler (and the fabulous Kathy Mar)

She did it. In her first week on the job, Kathy Mar, our newest Robot brought cool, fresh water back to our office. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s already made about a bazillion lists on 43Places.

Introducing Kathy & our new water cooler!Kathy’s been a user of 43Things since December 16, 2004, making her one of the first 300 users. We are still working out her title, but “Captain Obvious” is in the lead. She brings a practical approach to the Co-op that is already getting us to rethink some of the 6 year old ruts we’ve created for ourselves.

Kathy is a lifelong Capitol Hill native. She’s a graduate of Steven’s Elementary, Meany Middle School, Garfield High School, and Columbia University. She’s an accomplished internet veteran. Kathy’s worked at Microsoft, Real Networks, Disney and multiple mobile companies.

Hiring Kathy brings the Robot Co-op back up to fighting strength. We are now 6 Robots. She also adds the 10th dependent (Joe and Venessa are about to bring it to 11).

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6 responses to “Introducing, our new water cooler (and the fabulous Kathy Mar)

  1. Welcome aboard Kathy! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you when I was at the Co-Op earlier this month, but next time I’m in Seattle I’ll treat you to something of your choosing.

  2. Well done Kathy! I say, it must be really interesting to have worked at all those places.

  3. Scheduled downtime? When was it scheduled and where can we read more about it?

  4. Hey Vex – we scheduled the downtime last week but I forgot to post about it. Sorry! It’s been sunny in Seattle and I think I just couldn’t wait to go play.

    We post “scheduled downtime” just so folks don’t think the site is down by mistake. Sorry again if we caught you by surprise.

  5. Ha Kathy!
    It’s nice to here that you have done a great job by your practical approach
    keep up

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