Some behind-the-scenes tweaking

Hi Everyone,

The weather in Seattle is great and us robots are in good spirits. We’re working on a few things behind the scenes to speed up page loading times and standardize our infrastructure. You shouldn’t notice any differences in the site, but as always, if you see any bugs, please let us know!

The Robots

[photo by 1yen]

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3 responses to “Some behind-the-scenes tweaking

  1. Hi, Just wanted to say I like the fact that when I cheer a comment now, I’m not automatically sent to that thread. I like it that when I cheer, I stay on the subscriptions page or the recent entries page, and also that it shows right on that page how many cheers I have left. Much more convenient and lots less clicking on the “back” button.


  2. Just wanted to say I like the fact that I can cheer a comment on my subscriptions page or in recent entries and I am not taken to that thread. Instead, I remain on the subscriptions or recent entries page (*and* I am shown my balance of cheers there as well.) A lot more convenient, less visually disconcerting, and a lot less clicking on the back button.


  3. I’m with Nic on this. :)

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