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Resolution Time

Believe it or not, 2012 is nearly upon us. To help you usher in the new year, we’ll be launching our annual New Year’s Resolutions feature in the next few days. Start thinking about your list now.

To help you, we’ve again enlisted the help of folks who we think have good resolution ideas. Some you may remember from last year, some are new this year. We hope it’ll be helpful.

So what do you resolve to do in 2012?

Hurrah! It's time for 43 Things' New Year's feature!

Help Us Improve 43 Places!

We just launched PROJECTS, a new section of 43 Places. This is where you can find things that we’d like to see added to the site. It could be new places, new destinations, and/or new neighborhoods, etc. The idea is that when you have time and inclination, you can pop in and add some content — either brand new entries, or adding to existing lists. We are keenly interested in finding people from different cities to add their knowledge — nobody knows your town better than you! 

Projects Example

Right now we’re focusing on neighborhoods, restaurants, sports-related destinations,  and the like, but we’ll soon be adding more and more projects to the mix. (If you have ideas for new projects, let us know.) It’s easy to get started: just pick a project, and start adding! Ideally you’ll update the Project page, too, so that others know it’s been taken care of.

Questions? Comment below! Thanks all.

Hot off the Press

Did you happen to see Sunday’s New York Times? 43 Things was mentioned in an article about resolutions — the reporter even interviewed Josh and 43 Things user Leezel! Check it out below.

The New York Times

I Resolve. World, Don’t Fail Me Now.

Thomas Fuchs, from the New York Times article

Let us know what you think!

Why, Yes, that WAS 43 Things on the Amazon Home Page

If you visited Amazon any time in the past couple of days, you may have seen an ad on the home page touting our New Year’s Resolution feature.

43 Things ad on the Amazon home page

Toot toot, as they say. We worked hard on this feature and are happy to see it get a little love. We hope you like it, too.

And in case you’d like to see it, here’s the link to Jackie Warner’s suggested resolution.

New Resolution Feature

We just launched a new feature.  It’s all about New Year’s Resolutions.  We solicited resolutions from inspiring people and we hope you’ll find an idea or two from among their many resolution suggestions.  Here’s a sneak peek:

New Year's Resolution Feature screenshot

Now get out there and make your list!

Internationally yours

Thanks to the international reach of Twitter (@robotcoop, in case you want to follow us), we found Afnan Mohammed’s blog review of 43 Things. Here’s a screen shot:

43 Things review in Arabic

And according to Google Translate, it’s favorable!


Here’s a recent Tweet from a Dutch fan: @jenniferaap is goeie site. Kan je zelfs reminder sturen. Word alleen vervelend als je niks doet en je mailbox vol zit :s

Translation: is great site. You can even send reminders. Will only be annoying if you do nothing and your mailbox is full :s

It’s wonderful to know that we’re reaching — and hopefully inspiring — people all over the world.

17 Days Until the New Year

We had lunch, as we often do, at Ballet. Today’s fortune read:

Today's fortune. Is it an omen?

It served as a good reminder that the end of the year is nigh — just 17 days until 2011 is upon us. We wanted to get a sense of how you’re doing with your resolutions, so we crafted a little poll.

Let us know. And remember, it’s not too late: make your 2011 Resolutions now.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The Robot Co-op's new window sign

For the first time in Robot history, we are publicly touting just what it is that we do around here. In other words, we acquired — and self-installed — some window signage. Now, people who are strolling, sauntering, tripping, or driving by the office can look up and get a sense of what happens behind these windows. It’s a tad uncomfortable calling attention to ourselves like this, but hopefully it’ll help answer the question, “What the hell is it that you do, anyway?”

Here are the Co-op thoughts on the window decal adventure:

Joe: “I already sent you email about that.” (He was right, he had…here’s what it said) “I’m going to enjoy watching people stop on Pike St and look up, wonder what the sign is about, then walk away thinking about their life goals.”

Ivan: “If it was straight, I’m fine with it.”

Michelle: “It’s crooked! we’d better peel it up and start over again… kiiiiiidding!! It looks great!!”

Laurel: “What about it?”

Kathy: “I love it! Perfection is overrated. Besides, if everything were perfect, 43 Things wouldn’t exist.”

Josh: “Saying who we are seems like a bold step. But we are 6 years in. It might be time to say who we are.”

A great thing came out of the ultra-mega-window-decal project, however: we learned something new about each other. In addition to being a crack team of developers, designers, thinkers, and joyologists, we discovered a hidden talent for applying window decals. Who knew?

In other news, we’re working on a New Year’s Resolution feature. It’s forcing us to talk to a lot more people than we normally do, and is taking us into uncharted “public relations” territory. Whoa. We hope that it will get you psyched for 2011.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the new window decal. And whatever else. We like to hear from you.