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Subscriptions Changes (Behind the Scenes)

As part of our effort to make it more fun and easy for you to stay up to date on the goals and people that you’re interested in, we are simplifying subscriptions. In the past you could subscribe to people who are not 43 Things users or subscribe to part of a user (if that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry…). Now you can only subscribe to users (if that seems obvious… well, that’s why we are changing it :)). If all goes well, most of you will only notice minor changes. Of course if you have been subscribed to some of the not-actual-users I mentioned above the number of people you’re subscribed to may change (this should only apply to people who used 43 People extensively).

Tonight (May 25) at around 10PM PDT I will be moving subscriptions over to the new system. 43 Things will stay up and you will be able to do everything as normal, but if you are on the site around that time, you may notice that your subscriptions have disappeared. This should be (very) temporary! If you come back later and there’s still a problem with your subscriptions, or if you see any other bugs, or just have feedback, please report them using the Contact Us form.

Update: 10:21 PM PDT: starting the migration, if your subscriptions are missing, sit tight…

Update: 11:07 PM PDT: the migration is complete, all subscriptions should be restored

Some behind-the-scenes tweaking

Hi Everyone,

The weather in Seattle is great and us robots are in good spirits. We’re working on a few things behind the scenes to speed up page loading times and standardize our infrastructure. You shouldn’t notice any differences in the site, but as always, if you see any bugs, please let us know!

The Robots

[photo by 1yen]

Scheduled Downtime Saturday Night

Just wanted to let y’all know that we’re scheduling some downtime on Saturday night around 23:00 (Pacific time). We’ll take 43 Things down for about an hour, so we can perform a code upgrade. When it’s back up, some of the slower pages around the site should see a performance boost!

43 Places and 43 Things login

Just a short note because most of you will (hopefully) not notice anything different. If you use both 43 Things and 43 Places, you have been logging in to both with your 43 Things account. We’re splitting them apart, so now you have separate 43 Things and 43 Places accounts. All existing users have had their usernames and passwords copied over, so you have the same urls, same usernames, and same passwords as before.

If you’re having trouble logging in, I apologize for any bugs, and please contact us so we can get things sorted out.

If you’re curious about our reasons for doing this, it’s mostly to reduce confusion (with things like logging in with facebook, closing accounts, etc) as we develop the two sites in different directions. If you haven’t had a look at 43 Places in a while, go take a look.

Scheduled Maintenance Sat night (hopefully no downtime)

Happy almost-Spring! Just a heads up that our web host is doing some scheduled maintenance on Saturday night, from 10:00PM to 2:00AM Sunday morning (Pacific Time). We’re told that the maintenance won’t include downtime, but you know how these things go.

Update to home page

It’s almost 43 days after New Year’s, and we hope you’ve got your New Year’s Resolutions squared away.  We just took the Resolutions feature off the home page, but you can always access your 2010 Resolutions with the tab on your profile page:

Or you can go directly to your 2010 Resolutions if you know your username, e.g.

From that page, you can copy individual Resolutions over to your Life List with the click of a button!

While we were at it, we did an update to the homepage, which should make it easier to add new goals and create a new account.  New users can play around with the site, adopting goals which are temporarily saved until they create a 43 Things account.  We also cleaned up the log in and sign up pages.

Check it out:

As always, please let us know if you see bugs, slownesses, or any other ghosts in the machine.

Thanks, from the Robots

Site outage Sunday morning

broken robot

How’s your 2010 going so far?  We hope you’re sticking to your New Years Resolutions!

Sunday morning starting at 2:00am Pacific time, we’re bringing all the sites down for database maintenance.  The outage may last up to 4 hours, but probably won’t take that long.  We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope we picked a time that will impact as few people as possible.

update: maintenance completed without any problems.  The sites were down for about 2.5 hours.  Thanks for your patience (especially those further East from us who had to go without 43 Things in the middle of their days!)

[Photo by andrewscott]

Working the machines

We’ve made some recent hardware changes in our ongoing efforts to speed up the sites and keep things more stable. We just finished commissioning 7 new boxes in our fleet, cylonwith a net increase of 2 servers.

We are now running on a total of 9 web servers with of 16GB of RAM per box.

New hardware is not all it takes to keep running fast and stable, but it is part of the solution, and some of the hardware we replaced was 4 years old. We’ll update you on some of the network and software changes we are also making to deal with the increased usage of the site. Thanks for putting up with some of the site’s setbacks. We feel lucky to have a problem like too much content and too many heavy users – that is the sort of problem we never want to get rid of.

site outage tonight around midnight PST

Today (August 25, 2008) we’ll be bringing the site down around midnight PST (aka Seattle time). Todd will add columns to one of our database tables, and the sites have to come down for this to occur. This change to the database will enable some new features on 43 Things. Those features won’t roll out just yet, but we’re making the change now so we can begin to push the features and test them before they go live.

The outage should last about 60 minutes … but leave us some wiggle room. Good luck and godspeed, Todd

UPDATE: Switched off the sites and initiated the database update around 12:05 AM PST. Now we just have to wait while MySQL chews through millions of rows to add the new columns. This should complete within the hour.

12:40: First half of the update just completed, so it may be bit later than 1:00 by the time we’re back online. If the second half runs at the same speed, we should be back up and running by 1:30 PST.

1:20: Okay, database is upgraded and the websites are back up.  G’night, folks!

Sites are down

We’re having some server issues at the moment which we hope to have solved soon. We’ll keep you posted on progress …

update: sites are back up. We’re tweaking boxes today but we should be able to keep the sites live while we do so. I’ll let you know if things go wonky, but I think we should be alright.