Out-of-the-office photo

It’s a Robot tradition to send a photo of yourself to the office when you go on vacation. But it has to be set up just right… Here’s one of Josh in Hawaii, see if you can figure out the rules.

Here’s what Joe sent home during his road trip to Yellowstone.

Anyone else have (or had) interesting summer plans? Send us a photo of your shoes on vacation and we’ll post the best ones!

Fixed (Unplanned downtime on 43 Places, Lists of Bests, and Allconsuming)

Sorry to report we’re having an unplanned outage of the 3 sites named above, starting about 3 hours ago. We’re working on bringing them back up and will update this post when work is complete.

Update: Service has been restored to all sites. There was no loss of data. Our apologies for the long downtime.


We are back

Don't sneeze!

We came back to life about 4 hours ahead of schedule. Woot! We pretty much had a complete overhaul & transformation this morning (all on the back-end). So we wouldn’t be surprised if we turn up a few snags over the next day or two.

If you do see something wonky on the site, the best way to tell us about it is to send us mail at “bugs” at robotcoop.com.


Site Outage Monday

43 Things will be temporarily offline for a site update on Monday, June 13, 2011, starting at 6 am PDT (GMT -7) and lasting most of the work day. It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of the duration of the outage, but we’ll be back up as soon as possible.  We’re putting a reminder message at the top of every page in case you forget (or don’t read the blog).  We try to keep long site outages like this one to an absolute minimum, and we apologize in advance for the interruption of service.

What are we talking about when we talk about subscriptions

Lots of active discussion in the previous post, and apologies upfront for thin skinned replies from me. We are talking about a creation I’ve worked on for 7 years and I’m definitely emotional about the whole thing. And I appreciate that you are too. I’m also trying to be upfront in having this conversation – it’s no fun sharing our thought process and getting some pretty negative replies. But that is what we signed up for. So I’ll try and brush off my shoulders and be a better host in the comments.

Obviously, it would be easier to make our decisions at the office and tell you what they are on the blog, but we are trying to be more open, expose more of the background thinking, and hopefully incorporate some of your input into any eventual changes. What we aren’t doing is having a vote. Comments that give input on specific numbered elements below are going to help us more than “Don’t change anything”.

When I started to unpack all the parts of subscriptions we are discussing they resolve into some distinct areas/topics. I came up with 5 so far. I tried to list them and tell you a bit about how/when they might change. Also, some swag at a timeline.

  1. Revealing who subscribes to you. You won’t have to look at your subscribers if you don’t want to. Opt in. August/September.
  2. Getting rid of secret subscribers. You won’t be anonymous when you subscribe to someone. No opt out. August/September.
  3. Blocking/Confirming. Blocking would work just as it does today – blocking prevents mutual subscription. There would be no “confirmation or acceptance” to subscribe to someone. No change.
  4. Making subscribers “transparent” like when you cheer someone or comment on their content. If we did this, it would likely be a “profile page widget” that users could opt out of if they don’t want to have it on their page. Opt out. No schedule – Late Fall at the earliest if ever.
  5. Subscriber notifications. We probably wouldn’t have any sort of notice of new or departed subscriber, unless it somehow was clearly a good idea. Right now, it doesn’t seem like a good one. Would only be opt in. Not scheduled.

Not sure if that helps to see the component parts. Maybe that list can produce some more fine grained insights into the potential change.

Stay tuned.

Customer service email

  • “how am i able to see who these subscribers are? it wont let me see who they are? im curious to know who my subscribers are.hope to hear from u”
  • “Why can’t we see who is subscribed to us? I really want to know in case I have friends on here that I don’t know about. How can I see this list?”
  • “I can see that 6 people are subscribed to me but cannot see who they are – could you let me know why that is please and also how I can find out who they are?”
  • “I just started subscribing/friending other 43ers, and have noticed that 4 people have subscribed/friended me. But while I can see the names of those I subscribed to I cannot see who has subscirbed to my list. Why is that, and how can I find out who subscribed to my list.”

From our Facebook Page

Subscriptions Changes (Behind the Scenes)

As part of our effort to make it more fun and easy for you to stay up to date on the goals and people that you’re interested in, we are simplifying subscriptions. In the past you could subscribe to people who are not 43 Things users or subscribe to part of a user (if that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry…). Now you can only subscribe to users (if that seems obvious… well, that’s why we are changing it :)). If all goes well, most of you will only notice minor changes. Of course if you have been subscribed to some of the not-actual-users I mentioned above the number of people you’re subscribed to may change (this should only apply to people who used 43 People extensively).

Tonight (May 25) at around 10PM PDT I will be moving subscriptions over to the new system. 43 Things will stay up and you will be able to do everything as normal, but if you are on the site around that time, you may notice that your subscriptions have disappeared. This should be (very) temporary! If you come back later and there’s still a problem with your subscriptions, or if you see any other bugs, or just have feedback, please report them using the Contact Us form.

Update: 10:21 PM PDT: starting the migration, if your subscriptions are missing, sit tight…

Update: 11:07 PM PDT: the migration is complete, all subscriptions should be restored