Internationally yours

Thanks to the international reach of Twitter (@robotcoop, in case you want to follow us), we found Afnan Mohammed’s blog review of 43 Things. Here’s a screen shot:

43 Things review in Arabic

And according to Google Translate, it’s favorable!


Here’s a recent Tweet from a Dutch fan: @jenniferaap is goeie site. Kan je zelfs reminder sturen. Word alleen vervelend als je niks doet en je mailbox vol zit :s

Translation: is great site. You can even send reminders. Will only be annoying if you do nothing and your mailbox is full :s

It’s wonderful to know that we’re reaching — and hopefully inspiring — people all over the world.

2 responses to “Internationally yours

  1. you surely are reaching and inspiring people all over the world and from all ages =)

    thanks and keep up the good job !

    PS: you can never count on Google Translate😛
    my review tho is favorable =)

  2. There are a whole load of positive reviews of the site here:

    (and yes, one or two of them might be by me! :))

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