Site Outage Monday

43 Things will be temporarily offline for a site update on Monday, June 13, 2011, starting at 6 am PDT (GMT -7) and lasting most of the work day. It’s difficult to give an accurate estimate of the duration of the outage, but we’ll be back up as soon as possible.  We’re putting a reminder message at the top of every page in case you forget (or don’t read the blog).  We try to keep long site outages like this one to an absolute minimum, and we apologize in advance for the interruption of service.

9 responses to “Site Outage Monday

  1. Thanks for the early warning Joe. I’ll have to spend my time on instead when I’m taking my breaks at work that day.

  2. Is this update likely to fix the problem of people’s comments not showing up in their recent activity feeds? I feel like I’m missing a lot of discussion because some people’s comments aren’t showing up in my subscriptions.

    If not, is there any update on the progress on this issue?

    • Sorry for the delayed reply, I’ve been out of the office till today. Last Monday’s change was back-end stuff only, but we’re still looking into the bug you mentioned.

  3. It’s My Birthday! I hope you get back online soon so I can celebrate 43things style. (though I managed to keep my Bday a pretty good secret, so maybe it won’t matter!)

  4. Shadow_Dracow

    Thanx for telling us! Though I am a bit sad that I can’t get into my goals. Hope you fix it well! X-)

  5. I know of at least 10-12 members who are having this issue. Nobody (including me!) has been able top see my replies for 3 weeks now in the subscription feeds or in the “Recent activity” on my homepage.

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