We are back

Don't sneeze!

We came back to life about 4 hours ahead of schedule. Woot! We pretty much had a complete overhaul & transformation this morning (all on the back-end). So we wouldn’t be surprised if we turn up a few snags over the next day or two.

If you do see something wonky on the site, the best way to tell us about it is to send us mail at “bugs” at robotcoop.com.


7 responses to “We are back

  1. Thanks, ‘Bots! It’s good to have 43T up & running again earlier than expected. *smile*

  2. Yay!!! My mixpod is back! Thanks!!

  3. PS: Cute cardhouse builder above! :-)

  4. Every page keeps auto re-loading in both firefox and explorer ;_;
    I can’t edit any of my entries because of this ;_;

  5. Why are the recent entries still delayed until now? Sometimes entries and comments do not show at all in the feeds.

  6. I’d be interested to know when the lag time bug will be fixed as well…

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