Cheers! (and lag time bug fix?)

We just tweaked the look of the 43 Things homepage (for signed-in users). Instead of a link for “cheering”, there’s a nifty orange button. We hope this will encourage people to use their cheers! We’re also testing the new cheer buttons in a few other places around the site, see if you can find them…

Let us know what you think. Do they get you to use cheers more often? If you already use your cheers, do you think they’ll entice new users to do likewise? Do they get in the way? Do you want the buttons to be even bigger?! Just kidding.

In unrelated news, we may have a fix that improves the “lag time” bug that is plaguing the site! Check it out and see if the lag time is eliminated or at least reduced. Let us know what you find, especially if you’re still seeing lag (please be specific in your feedback if you see lag, e.g. what is the URL of the page where you see it). Thanks for your patience on this one!

26 responses to “Cheers! (and lag time bug fix?)

  1. Hey Joe,
    Found they are on people’s recent activity page too. Thanks for darkening the cheer detail comment too so it’s easy on my old eyes to see that the cheer has taken or that it’s something I’d already cheered.
    I saw on one Recent Activity page (for DanT1999) that the cheer button and info scrolled over the break line but were still able to be pushed. This happened on a goal entry where the goal had rolled to three lines. You can see it here:

    I already use all my cheers daily so the new cheer buttons won’t change my habits, but they do stand out nicely and the orange was a good choice.

    I’ll email you any links if I notice the lag.

    • Thanks for the bug report, Todd! I’m not seeing what you see on DanT1999’s page. What browser are you using? Would you please send us a screenshot? Thanks!

      • I’m sending a screen shot so you can see it. It’s the top entry in the image. It does for both Firefox and IE for me. I have resolution set at 1920 by 1080 pixels with 32bit colors. I’m sending to your individual email as opposed to the normal bug email address.

  2. I have a few gripes, but I’ll get used to them. *sigh*

    One I will share as it’s counter intuitive to why you changed the layout to begin with: When clicking “see all” for cheers given/received now, the link to the users that gave me cheers is absent? The format just says I received a cheer on such and such goal or entry and nothing more now. That makes it VERY hard to reciprocate and I’m hoping it’s a glitch.:/

  3. Retraction: Extra click needed where there used to be only one. Got it. Ignore my other comment.

  4. I love the new cheer button! Well done bots! It reminds me of the old 43T theme back in 2007.:)
    Thanks a lot for fixing the lag time.
    43T is back to normal now! Woohoo!

  5. Great stuff! I like the cheer buttons this way. They give the supportive nature of the site more emphasis. Thanks.
    The lag time is considerably less. Wonderful!


  6. I like the new buttons! Thanks:)

  7. Here’s something else I’ve noticed, but I’m not sure if it’s a bug or just the way it’s going to work now: the time stamps are reflecting when something was last cheered as opposed to when it was originally posted. If you look at people’s recent activity pages or even the recent activity box on their profile page, the entries still appear in the proper order but the dim grey time stamp now shows the last activity time instead of the original time. So on one I’m looking at right now the time line for the entries reads: 17 minutes ago, 2 days ago, 1 week ago, 2 hours ago, etc.

    Is this the way this feature is going to work moving forward or is this a bug?

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  9. cheer buttons are cheery:) nice one!
    I didn’t have any issues with time lags before but now I do, i can look around the site and spot comments made to others by my subscibees which have not shown up in my feed.
    I didn’t have that issue before.

    What I would really like to see, at some stage, is a local time stamp, if that is at all possible, so it reflects my timezone, rather than just one single time across the board.

  10. They’re so big and bright! (And not in a good way)

    But this is so much better than getting a link. I really do like them.

  11. I’m late seeing this thread, as usual. I like the cheer button, but I don’t think it’s possible to get me to cheer more than I already do (unless you give me more cheers).:)

    I still have a time lag in my recent entries feed. The time lag varies (as it did before) so it’s hard to tell if there’s been any improvement.

    • What’s the URL of your recent entries feed? Thanks!

      • Oops forgot to activate comments notification.
        Still delayed…

      • Also, there seems to sometimes be a delay in my subscriptions & with recent entries of other people (i.e. I receive an email notification that someone has replied to me, but when I go to their profile & click “recent activity” the comment isn’t there yet). Unfortunately, I don’t have a URL at the moment because I can’t think of which users this has happened with specifically, but I will let you know next time I notice it. Thanks for all the work you guys have done on this problem!

  12. (For some reason I couldn’t reply directly to your comment, yolfer, sorry about that.)

    The time lag seems to be everywhere else but goal and profile pages. (If you post an entry, it shows up immediately in the goal page again, so that bug seems to be fixed, and there was never problems with having entries show up in the profile pages.) Recent entries and comments don’t seem to show up immediately in anyone’s “Recent Activity” page, and the time lag is still there in the subscription feeds as well. The length still varies, now it seems to be somewhere between a few minutes up to around 2-3 hours, so it might be a little shorter than it used to be… so thank you for having worked on it!:) Hopefully it’ll be completely fixed soon.

  13. Hi! I have observed that I get three hours lag time these past few days (or even more!) in my recent entries.
    Here’s the link of my page:
    I can stand one hour lag time but sometimes it takes half a day for my recent entries to appear in my feeds.
    Can it be fixed? Thanks.:)

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