Website Level Up! Dexterity +1

We don’t mind having many irons in the fire at once. At the same time we were working on the lag bug, we’ve also been experimenting with an infrastructure change to speed up our websites.¹ Yesterday, we rolled it out for Lists of Bests, All Consuming, and 43 Places. Today, we just flipped the switch for 43 Things.

We’re already seeing anecdotal performance improvements. In other words, the websites are moving like Greased Lightning! As with any changes, there may be some lingering bugs, so please let us know if you see anything amiss.

¹ Nerd info: we moved our memcache to Amazon’s ElastiCache, part of AWS.

3 responses to “Website Level Up! Dexterity +1

  1. Thanks for the info!

    (No I’m not only waiting for your posts and yes I do have a life but with the time difference I’m 9 hours ahead of you and this is my evening downtime…😉 )

  2. The site does seem to be running good, but I did discover that some photos are not loading in Firefox or IE in the miniaturized form, though when you click on the photo link, they do appear in their pop out enlarged form. Here’s an example link:

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