Sorry for the silence about notifications not going out on 43 Things. The notification system is back up and running. There’s a large backlog of emails to be sent, so it will take a while.

22 responses to “Notifications

  1. Thanks for the public update. While emails from Kathy are great for me personally, I know a lot of people were feeling abandoned.

  2. Thanks, y’all. It got rather spooky there for a bit.

    I miss the chatty old robots’ blog.

  3. Was there ever an april announcement about the super cool new site mentioned in the previous blog posting?

  4. Was there ever an announcement about the super cool new web site mentioned in the last blog post? (Notifications)

  5. Hi folks–are you aware that allconsuming is offline?

  6. OK I just joined 43things, and wrote an awesome goal and how i did it, my user name is ConseilsExpert, and the review is: … now come on guys! I want to read more articles from ya! Do you need me to apply for a position to post AT LEAST once a week… ONCE A MONTH on your robotcoop ? You can do it:)

  7. Hey bots, what’s going on? It’s been a while.

  8. I’ve been thrown lots of server errors and “no data received” messages on 43T in the last several days. Will this be fixed, I hope I hope I hope?

    • We just fixed it! Let us know if you see any other issues.

      • Thank you! Seems much smoother so far! You rock!

      • Hi y’all. Both allconsuming and listsofbests have been giving me server errors (and frequently going down completely) for weeks, maybe months, and are still doing so today. The search boxes on both sites seem to have almost totally stopped working, though I can usually still get to items on allconsuming by clicking through from lists I had already added on listsofbests. Are you still maintaining these sites? If not, will you give notice before they go away completely, so that I can try to record my data elsewhere? I’ve been using both these sites for years (gratefully!), and it’d be sad to lose all those records. Thank you!

        • We’re not devoting much effort to these sites as we’ve got some other projects going on now. We’ll give everyone plenty of notice if we ever shut the sites down.

  9. Hello! Sending huge kudos and longtime love for 43Things – noticing the tsunami of bogus spam accounts (30K+ flagged and breeding daily) clogging up the site. Curious (as Jordan was above re. allconsuming & listsofbests) if the site is still being actively maintained and if there’s any plans to shut it down (I gather 43Places is being taken offline at the end of the month). Hoping it’s still as beloved a project for the powers that be as it is for the 43T community. Thank-you all for all you do! Cheers…

  10. New here… tried going to your (presumably new) blog but it only had your logo and a link to this (presumably old blog).. Am I missing something ?

  11. Hey Robots, Are you there? We’re really worried about the spammers. Your community can’t keep up with the volume and they seem to have found a way to keep goals we take down. We love 43things and are worried.

  12. I see banners that Lists of Bests, All Consuming, and Shop for Fun are all going down at the end of the month. 43 Things hasn’t been accessible since yesterday morning – has it been dropped too? Fingers crossed this isn’t the case. If not, are there plans to do so? – It would sadden many, many of us in this wonderful community greatly… especially if we didn’t have a chance to save content, say thank you, say goodbye…

    • went down at approximately 23:30 UTC on May 6, 2014 and even through the server is still up, the website has been down. I’m not sure what is going on myself but I don’t think it is being shut down, but probably it is a hiccup that is being addressed although I don’t know at what priority. I really believe there is commercial potential in this site that is being overlooked, but I don’t own the site so I can only look at it from the outside. Let’s all hope that it is back up soon.

  13. Thank you for your response, gohiking — I’m glad to know the server is still kicking, even if the site is currently down. Hopefully you’re right about the hiccup, I certainly agree about the commercial potential. I’d love to see things sorted to somehow have 43T generate more $ for the powers that be, it’s such a great site. I’d really hate to see it disappear.

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